About Us

Started in 1990, Sunbelt Computer Software designs, develops, and maintains computer programming languages, and tools.

During all the time we have in been business the company has been contracted to work for Datapoint USA Corporation of San Antonio, Texas. We have designed and developed a DATABUS language set for RMS, UNIX, and Windows. We have also provided development and maintenance for the Datapoint C language, and the Datapoint COBOL language, and the Datapoint RMS Utilities set.

In 1992, we developed our first in-house project - MacDATABUS a PL/B language system for Mac. It included language support for a GUI interface, an Integrated Development Environment for program development, and a visual form designer.

In 1993, Sunbelt Computer Systems, Inc. contracted the design and development of Windows based version of their popular PL/B language products. Since then we have help develop and maintain the full range of Sunbelt Computer Systems, Inc products.

In 2016 we developed the PlbWebCli Application for Sunbelt Computer Systems, Inc. PlbWebCli is available on Android, iOS, and Windows 10.

In October of 2018, Sunbelt Computer Software took over the development, management, sales and distribution of the Sunbelt software products when Steve White retired. We have retained the same staff, website, and procedures to make the transition as smooth as possible.

We will continue to enhance the PL/B language and provide quality products and support.