Sunbelt Computer Systems, Inc.

Sunbelt Computer Systems is the leading supplier of PL/B language products. The company is dedicated to maintaining and improving the language as a general purpose business programming language.
Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Tyler, Texas, Sunbelt provides PL/B language solutions to customers throughout the world.

In addition to the PL/B language on both Windows and Unix, Linux and Mac, Sunbelt Computer Systems sell

  • A PL/B Web Server HTML5 solution for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and other browsers.
  • A PL/B Application Server thin client solution,
  • A .NET Framework for PL/B,
  • A Data Manager,
  • A Replication Server,
  • File Access routines for C and VB,
  • A Windows ODBC Driver.

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Datapoint USA, Inc.

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Datapoint USA provides system integration products, consultancy and services facilitated through the use of RMS (Resource Management System).

Datapoint USA also provides the following products to maximize your business technology

  • RMS Operating System
  • RMS Terminal
  • Standard DATABUS for RMS, Unix, and Windows.

RMS is a reliable, flexible, secure and technologically advanced operating system currently implemented in government and business sectors worldwide supporting a variety of applications.

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